I'm New

JOIN US 10:30 a.m. each Sunday morning! 

Everyone is welcome. We mean that.

Before you read any further, please let us know if we can pray for you, serve you in any way, or answer your questions about Jesus Christ.

Secondly, thanks for your interest in our community of faith. We hope to meet you and get to know you soon -- which is the only real way to get to know a church family.

We understand that the word "church" may mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Some may come from deep religious traditions, while others are completely new to this thing called faith. Some are well-versed in the Bible, while others may have never read more than a few words. Some may be used to a bigger crowd on Sunday mornings in ornate cathedrals, while others might feel comfortable in a smaller church in a humble building. We are small, but you'll find that we get the job done!

Whatever your experience is with Christianity, we hope you'll find Church on the Hill to be a warm-hearted group of believers in Jesus who will encourage and lovingly challenge you along your faith journey. Please don't be shy about walking through our doors -- be our guest any Sunday at 10:30 a.m.!


What is your worship style? Our worship songs are a mix of old and new, and are designed to sing along to, whether on the screen or in the hymnal. Our services are simple to follow and easy to understand. The sermons are straight from the Bible and "meaty," we're told! We do not use high-pressure tactics nor will we ever put you on the spot.

What do I wear? The dress code is casual to business-casual (whatever you're comfortable in).

When should I get there? We usually start fellowshipping at 10:30 and start the worship music a few minutes afterward. Please arrive at 10:30 so we can meet you, but you're welcome to come and go at any time. If you come early help yourself to a K-cup of your choice and maybe a donut if available.

What do I bring? Just bring yourself! We pass a plate for offering to help pay for our facilities and our efforts to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, but do not feel obligated to give as a guest. And if we're having a meal afterward please join us!

What about the kids? We have an active Children's Church that meets in the Fellowship Building behind the sanctuary shortly before the sermon. Let us know you have kids who would like to be a part of that and we'll be glad to walk you over there!

What about babies? We do not currently have a nursery program but we have a private room with comfy chairs in the foyer you are welcome to take your young children into at any time. Both restrooms are equipped with changing tables.

What about pre-teens and teenagers? We're working on that! We recently had a very active AWANA program in the community and hope to rebuild something for our youth soon.

I have a prayer request -- when do I share it? That can vary, but you're always welcome to ask us before or after service. We'll stay as long as it takes.

Do I have to be a Christian or be baptized to attend? No. We welcome everyone, regardless of their current state of belief.

Can I just watch online? Yes! The Facebook Live video will start when the sermon begins, usually around 11 a.m., though the exact start time varies. If you leave our Facebook Page open it will alert you to when we go live. Feel free to post a comment with any questions or comments, or requests for assistance.